Drug & Alcohol Abuse

We have developed a very straight forward education program for drugs and alcohol that anyone can carry out. Regardless if you are a parent, teacher, coach, or counselor this program can help you educate a child about the dangers of substance abuse or confront an individual you think may be abusing drugs or alcohol.

Step 1: Place no guilt or suspicion

When it comes to speaking to anyone, but kids and teenagers in particular, it is so important to not accuse them of partaking in risky behavior. Regardless of whether they have or not, their defenses will instantly go up and all your wise words will go ignored. The key is to convince them that your sole intention is to educate them.

Step 2: Explain the dangers

Often times, listing stats and facts is simply not enough to convince children to not engage in risky behavior. This is because of the immortality many teenagers feel aka the, ?Well I could be the 10% who don?t get sick?? (Gotta love their confidence, right?)

Often times explaining a narrative can hold more shock value. To hear a story of a young man or women lose their scholarships, go to juvenile detention, or worse end up dead can be what makes them hesitate before accepting a drink or hit. Check out these stories to share with your children or students.

Step 3: Let them know you are there for them

If you are a parent, convince your child to trust you and count on you. At the end of the day, wouldn?t you rather pick up your intoxicated child from a party rather than them gamble and try to drive home? Of course you would. Let them know that nothing matters more than their safety and that you are always in their corner.

If you are a teacher or counselor, you are at an advantage. You have the unique opportunity to mentor and develop close relationships with your students to the point where they might consider you a friend they can confide in. Of course you can?t promise to keep it from their parents, but you are a still a confidant they can trust in. Let your students know that you are not just there to teach them academics but to also shape them into the people they will grow up to become.