Our #1 Priority

Keeping children safe from threats like drug and alcohol abuse, bullying, gang activity, and etc.


Bullying has always been a prominent problem in the hallways of schools, but over time it has gotten increasingly worse. With the...

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Drug & Alcohol Abuse

We have developed a very straight forward education program for drugs and alcohol that anyone can carry out. Regardless if you are...

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Gang Activity

It is so important for schools in implement gang prevention programs. Often times, they are not present due to a wide array...

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Our Mission:

Keeping children safe is our #1 priority! In today?s society, there are many dangers students face both inside and outside the hallways of their schools. We hope that through education, prevention, and constant support, that more students will not fall victim to any threats including: drug and alcohol abuse, bullying, gang activity, and etc.

Our Motivation:

Christina, the founder of schoolsafetychallenge.com, was a lawyer in California for almost 17 years when she discovered that her son was abusing prescribed medication. After a few difficult years helping him fight his addiction and piece his young life back together, she decided to stop practicing law and start this non-profit organization.

Because Christina now knows how easy it is for young high schoolers to get access to drugs and alcohol, she believes that the most important thing to do is educate teenagers about the dangers of abusing such substances. By educating them about not only how it can affect their health but their futures as well, we hope that less and less students will feel pressure to try these substances.